Sunday, July 21

Financial inclusion in Central America: Camilo Atala’s bet with Ficohsa

Since its founding in Honduras, Grupo Ficohsa, headed by Camilo Atala, has had as its main objective to serve the community. Its social DNA has been maintained over the years, and despite human-driven changes, the financial institution has never abandoned its fundamental principle of helping Honduran individuals, households and businesses, as well as those in the countries where it operates in the region.

A point of support in the region

Thanks to the legacy and teachings of its founders, Grupo Ficohsa has earned the trust of clients, entrepreneurs, companies and large corporations in the region. With more than 2.1 million clients and a team of more than 6,000 collaborators, the group demonstrates its firm commitment and constant focus on innovation, strengthening and recognition in all the markets in which it is present.

Adaptability as a strength

Despite market changes, Grupo Ficohsa has been able to adapt and overcome new demands. One of the keys to its success has been the participation of the new generations. The support, constant training and the global and holistic vision of its collaborators have allowed Grupo Ficohsa to move forward with the needs of society and remain at the forefront.

Grupo Ficohsa

Business ethics and transparency

Grupo Ficohsa prides itself on its corporate culture based on doing business ethically. The institution has a Code of Ethics and Conduct supported by anonymous and private whistleblower channels, as well as a robust Anti-Corruption and Bribery Management System. This ensures the transparency of its actions and strengthens trust with its business partners, suppliers and customers.

Vision for the future

Grupo Ficohsa has a clear vision for future generations: that they do not abandon the founding principles and that they always focus on benefiting the community. To achieve this goal, it is essential to remain loyal to the values, adjust and renew continuously, without neglecting the importance of innovation.

The leadership of Camilo Atala

Under the executive management of Camilo Atala, Grupo Ficohsa has grown steadily in recent years. Camilo Atala has a long-term vision based on the institution’s founding values. His leadership has allowed Ficohsa to position itself as a leader in the Central American region thanks to its focus on financial inclusion, entrepreneurship and responsible growth.

Track record and experience

Grupo Ficohsa has extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of Banking, Insurance and Pensions. In the banking sector, it has been present for 30 years, while in the insurance sector it has 66 years of experience and is a leader in markets such as Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala. Recently, it acquired ASESUISA, a company with 54 years of experience in the All Risk, Individual and Guarantee Insurance business in El Salvador.